Tip 7: Why Do I Need a Blog…

Blog… you have heard about it and probably think you know what it is. But did you know that it is a great marketing tool for real estate agents. We discuss in show seven what is a blog and some tips to use it as an effective marketing tool. If you want to see show seven live then visit MoneyFrog.com and register for your free membership to see the video.

  • Blogging is personal comments or observations arranges by date on a web page
    • This page is an example of a blog on WordPress
  • GoDaddy.com is a great resource to secure a domain name for your blog
  • There are two blogging platforms that you can use for free:
  • If you have a farm… then create a blog farm
  • Don’t add advertising to your blog unless you can prevent other agents and mortgage brokers from appearing
  • Write useful and unique content about your local area
  • If you’re not creative then comment on other blogs and news postings
  • Add your blogs to your main web site as a link. If you have more than one blog then combine the blogs with a free JavaScript site at RSS-TO-JAVASCRIPT
  • Download Tip 7: Why you need a blog [5.5MB- 22 minutes]

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  1. 1

    Hi Anthony,
    You last point, RSS to Javascript… that’s worth a try. Thanks
    — Abdel Olakara

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