Reader wants to know who can make a inexpensive web site

Reader wrote to me:

“Who can construct a dynamite,informative web site for me, inexpensively???”

It depends on your ultimate goal.  A simple site can be created very easily with a free online blog from  Add a domain name from and you have an inexpensive, but nice site.  Out of pocket- $9.99 per year.  See my wife’s web site blog at for an example.

I noticed your site is from Superlative which is good for one reason- it has links to property information.  Many studies of consumer’s real estate web site viewing habits focus on the importance of having property inventory on a site.  I recommend to all agents that their main web site have a database of properties on their site.

Hope this helps.



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    kelidir Says:

    I previously had a career as a graphic designer and we designed websites. Just some quick tips: Be careful where you go and make sure your site doesn’t look like everyone else’s (I have seen many real estate sites that offer templates). Try – you post the job on the site, can view designers’ portfolios and have them bid on your job. Or try some students at a local college. They love work for their portfolio and you get a great site.
    And be careful of the companies that say they do a site and then charges and fees get tacked on.
    Hope this gave some insight!

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