Beware of the iPhone “Case” Return Policy

Disclaimer time- I am not an Apple fanboy.  However, for the past two years I have been using a Macbook for my main computer and I recently bought the iPhone.  I have had every version of Windows and the Apple system has a been a dream to use.  I tried Windows Vista and I was disappointed with the feel and functionality.  What is sad is that in real estate, the industry leans heavily towards Windows.  Specifically Internet applications that require the Microsoft Server technology to generate on-line applications- sorry can’t avoid the technical jargon.

Now back to my story-  I bought a case from the local AT&T store for my iPhone.  My new phone is expensive and  I wanted to protect it from damage.  Only after a few weeks the clip snapped right off the case.  No worries, I will just go to my friendly AT&T store, where I bought it and have the nice store associate exchange the defective case for a shiny new one.  I arrived at the store with a jump in my step and forgetting all the horrible experiences I had previously with the store associates on other matters.

I explained to the associate what happened and give him the case and my receipt for the original purchase.  He looked at the case and his face immediately changed from a blank stare to an uncomfortable look.  I thought to myself, “this is weird why does look like he is about to give me bad news?”  The associate explained to me that any iPhones and case accessories are to be returned at the local Apple Store.  My only response was “Huh? but I bought the case here and it isn’t even made by Apple.  Why do I have to go across town when your store sold me this product here?”  Anther blank stare for him  and an immediate request for store management.  A bald headed man approached us and the associate gave him my receipt and the broken case.  He too repeated what the other associate said that the AT&T store doesn’t take returns of the iPhone and accessories.  I acknowledged that I understood the iPhone would apply to this crazy rule- I don’t know why.   However the case is made by Case Logic not Apple, ipso facto the case should be returned.  The manager just shook his head.  I then relied on my smooth talking abilities and previous retail sales experience and asked him for my receipt back.  He handed me my receipt and I turned it over and began to read him the AT&T 30 Day Return Policy.  “Check– Mate”  He exchanged my case, no paperwork he just wanted me out of there.

If you encounter this situation, just read them back the AT&T return policy for accessories.  Who thought selling lawnmowers at Sears would help me twenty years later…


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