Tip 6: Tech tips for top producers- part one

Let’s face it, you ‘re not interested in learning every little technology system. What you want is to generate more sales. I have worked with top producing agents for many years and I know what they use in their business. Some of it I suggested and other items I learned from them directly. Here are some key suggestions about hardware and software:

  • Reviews.cnet.com is an excellent resource to help you decide on what laptop to buy.
  • Make sure any laptop you buy has these minimum specs:
    • 14 inch or larger screen
    • At least 1GB of memory, but at least 2GB if the laptop has Windows Vista
    • 120GB or larger hard drive
    • DVD burner for backups
    • Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Turion 64 processor
  • Buy a smart phone. Treo is the best for real estate, but Blackberry is close behind.
    • Treo 755 or Blackberry Pearl
  • Google Mobile is the best information query tool available anywhere! With Google SMS, you can get phone book listings, movie show times, sports scores, weather forecasts, facts, dictionary definitions, product prices, and more.
  • Do you stay with MS Office 2003 or buy the new version 2007? Nice but don’t rush to replace old version. If you do decide to buy the new version purchase the Small Business option. It includes Excel 2007, Word 2007, Publisher 2007 , PowerPoint 2007, and Outlook 2007.
  • Get a contact manager if you don’t have one. Three choices for real estate are Outlook, ACT!, and Top Producer.
  • Other software to consider, all for the low price of free are:

    • GadWin PrintScreen- capture screen shots and edit image for free
    • KeePass– free/open-source password manager
    • Picasa– a free picture editor and organizer that surprisingly is a powerful picture editing program
  • Download Tip 6: Tech tips- part one [6.5MB- 14 minutes]

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