Tip 4: Choosing the right Smart Phone for real estate

Are you deciding between a regular cell phone and a smart phone? Stop and choose the smart phone. In real estate the smart phone is your office and lifeline to your clients information. As with most things in technology there are many choices, so we reviewed the top contenders in the smart phone space.

  • The top smart phone is the Treo brand. The latest release is the Treo 755. A confusing item about the Treos are the choice of Palm or Windows. I suggest you choose what you are familiar with, that way there isn’t a huge learning curve.
  • The Blackberry Pearl is a very nice phone. An advantage of this smart phone is the email “push” directly to your phone. Blackberry is the top choice if getting and responding to your email is important.
  • Other smart phone brands are:
    • Nokia N95– qwerty keyboard and a 5 Mega pixel camera [wow!]
    • Samsung Blackjack– qwerty keyboard and a quad band phone to travel the world and still close those deals.
    • iPhone– two words “very sexy”, but not the best tool for real estate- unless you practice in San Francisco then it is a required purchase;>
  • Buy yourself a Bluetooth keyboard to type your email messages on your Bluetooth capable phone. My suggestion is the iGo Stowaway keyboard.
  • Download Tip 4: Smart phones [6.5MB- 14 minutes]

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